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"It's sad to see perfectly good stuff get thrown away and replaced when they could take it to a good repair guy like you and spend as little or less than 25% of the value of replacement to have it repaired, serviced and/or upgraded!"
Nathan Carr
"With that kind of service you'll go far. Couldn't recommend you enough."
Nathan Houghton
First official customer
"my acoustic plays and sounds excellent, another great job."
Gavin Simpson
(Noah Fence)
Hand-built amps:

5E3 - "Many thanks. The amp is really nicely made and initial testing sounds fab. Now I have to wait for a cab and find the right speaker.
Waiting for the house to be empty so I can turn it up full!! Best wishes

18 watt TMB- "Very impressed with the quality and workmanship in the amp. I've had very little playing time with it yet but enjoying the sounds i've heard so far which are are rich and clear. Looking forward to trying it with a couple of different speakers and in a band rehearsal. Very pleased with the purchase. Thanks again.
Best Wishes

 5F1 - "hallo eli, thank you for that very very fast shipping. the amp arrived yesterday. its my second 5f1 clone! but at first thank you for this perfect handbuilding - really professionell work."

18 Watt TMB - "Hi Eli, I played the amp yesterday. It works flawlessly, and sounds great. I noticed that the master volume channel is tighter and louder than the other (with everything on 10), I think that makes the amp more versatile, I think I'll get an a/b/y box and switch between two great sounds. Thank you again and congratulations if you are the one who built it! All the best,"

18 Watt TMB - "Hi Eli arrived ok,plugged it in wow thats a great amp,excellent service,Mike."

18 Watt TMB - "I used the amp at both my gigs. I had no issues regarding volume. In fact I had to turn it down at one point! The amp was lovely to play, it was so responsive really working with the amount of attack you apply.This amp is great for dynamics. Picking hard gets the edgy rock tones I wanted and lighter strums are great for rhythm work, rolling the guitar’s volume down also works a treat!"

5E3 -  "Thank you for a special transaction. Excellent product all very well executed."

5F1 - "Fantastic sounding amp, perfect service, Highly recommended."

5E3 -  "Good amp - nice contact -Thanks a lot!"
Deluxe Reverb - "I've been after a suitable Blackface style amp for ages, after coming across Eli and his hard wired amps I put in an order for a Deluxe Reverb, the result was superb, this amp has all the characteristics of the original and more. It nails the tone I'm after and helps me recreate the sounds of yesterday and also forge new tones. An inspirational bit of kit. I'm saving up for the next amp already! No more PCB! Handwired all the way!!!!!"
George Jones- Man/Son of Man/Scotch Corner
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