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Services & Pricing

Are you looking for a someone reliable to look after your Pro-Audio equipment? Abbott's Music can offer all services including guitar and amp service, guitar setup, repairs of amplifiers, pedals and guitars. 
Are the pots in your amp scratchy? Is a switch in your favourite stomp box not working? Does your amplifier need a new set of valves? Is your guitar out of tune or in need of an intonation set up? If so, we can help you.

We also offer custom made leads/junction boxes to suit your needs.
Guitar/Bass Guitar:
  • Any electronic repairs, i.e replacement pots or sockets from £20.00
  • Re-string and basic set-up (electric) - Guitars from £25 (inc Floyd Rose) Bass Guitars from £35.00
  • Re-string and basic set-up (acoustic) - guitars from £30.00 (inc strings) Bass Guitars from £40.00 
A basic service will include neck / truss rod adjustment, action adjustment, strings height, intonation, re-string, pickups height, checking all parts (machine heads, bridge, etc.), fretboard, neck and body clean and polish, machine heads clean and lubricate and bridge balancing (for tremolo bridge guitars).
Valve & Transistor Amplifiers:
  • Full Service to include pots and inputs checked/cleaned, dry joints re-soldered, electrical safety testing and quality/sound check from £30.00 dependant on age/size of amp (quotes available on request).
  • Valve replacement from £10.00 per pre-amp valve and from £35.00 per  matched pair of out-put valves and £65.00 per matched quad (including biasing where necessary). Rectifier valves available from £20.00.
  • Any diagnostics and repairs carried out upon quote basis. No repair - No Fee!
Effects Pedals & Pro Audio Equipment:
  • Basic Service and repair on effects pedals to include checking/cleaning switches and pots (replacing where required), input/output sockets repaired/replaced, repairing any dry joints and battery replacement were required from £10.00
LED Modification to WAH WAH Pedal (so you know when its on/off) - £25.00
Pro Audio Equipment servicing and repairs - P.O.A
Custom Leads:
Do you have a stack of leads that are intermittent or do not work? These can be repaired in bulk or singly. Do you need longer leads for stage? Or special requirement multi-core leads/junction boxes? We use the best quality parts at a low affordable cost. Any options required are considered. For a quotation please email me at
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