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Services & Pricing

Are you looking for a someone reliable to look after your Pro-Audio equipment? Abbott's Music can offer all services including guitar and amp service, guitar setup, repairs of amplifiers, pedals and guitars. 
Are the pots in your amp scratchy? Is a switch in your favourite stomp box not working? Does your amplifier need a new set of valves? Is your guitar out of tune or in need of an intonation set up? If so, we can help you.
Collection and delivery is offered within the local area at a small fee of £20.00 inclusive.
We also offer custom made leads/junction boxes to suit your needs.
Guitar/Bass Guitar:

  • Any electronic repairs, i.e replacement pots or sockets from £10.00


  • Re-string and basic set-up (electric) - Guitars from £25 (inc Floyd Rose) Bass Guitars from £35.00


  • Re-string and basic set-up (acoustic) - guitars from £30.00 (inc strings) Bass Guitars from £40.00 

A basic service will include neck / truss rod adjustment, action adjustment, strings height, intonation, re-string, pickups height, checking all parts (machine heads, bridge, etc.), fretboard, neck and body clean and polish, machine heads clean and lubricate and bridge balancing (for tremolo bridge guitars).
Valve & Transistor Amplifiers:

  • Full Service to include pots and inputs checked/cleaned, dry joints re-soldered, electrical safety testing and quality/sound check from £20.00 dependant on age/size of amp (quotes available on request).


  • Valve replacement from £10.00 per pre-amp valve and from £35.00 per  matched pair of out-put valves and £65.00 per matched quad (including biasing where necessary). Rectifier valves available from £20.00.


  • Any diagnostics and repairs carried out upon quote basis. No repair - No Fee!

Effects Pedals & Pro Audio Equipment:

  • Basic Service and repair on effects pedals to include checking/cleaning switches and pots (replacing where required), input/output sockets repaired/replaced, repairing any dry joints and battery replacement were required from £10.00

LED Modification to WAH WAH Pedal (so you know when its on/off) - £25.00
Pro Audio Equipment servicing and repairs - P.O.A
Custom Leads:
Do you have a stack of leads that are intermittent or do not work? These can be repaired in bulk or singly. Do you need longer leads for stage? Or special requirement multi-core leads/junction boxes? We use the best quality parts at a low affordable cost. Any options required are considered. For a quotation please email me at
Hand Built Amps:
If you are interested in a high quality, point to point wired, valve amplifier at present I have been building 4 different models. The Fender Champ 5F1 Clone, 5E3 Fender Tweed Deluxe Clone, Fender Bassman 5F6A Clone and Marshall 18watt TMB Clone (with master volume). If required, all these models are also available as a kit, with full comprehensive builld instructions. Please note, these kits require a certain level of competence due to high voltages. Please contact me for prices.


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